18mg CBD E-Liquid

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One 10ml e-liquid bottle containing 18mg hemp CBD.
Offered with or without 12mg nicotine.

Available while supplies last.

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Not only do our CBD oils provide the benefits of cannabidiol, but they taste fantastic! Choose from our array of flavors to suit your tastes. We source our CBD oil from non-gmo hemp, and test through third party labs to ensure the highest quality oil. Our CBD E-Liquids are based with vegetable glycerin, with no propylene glycol, and are always safe enough to eat. We manufacture right here in the USA and promise only the highest purity product to you.

Ingredients: CBD Gold Hemp Oil, VG, GABA, Natural & Artificial Flavoring. Always Non-GMO and gluten free.

Use to refill your Hemp Hookahzz e-liquid cartridge.


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